Gujranwala Election Results 2018

Gujranwala Election Results 2018 MPA PP, MNA NA are going to display here on 25th july night or 26th July morning. The election aspect of the Gujranwala region is going to take the association with respect to the Minister of provincial assembly and minister of national assembly. Seats reservation is the process that may link to the success of the Gujranwala election results according to the MNA and MPA aspect. There are 14 constituencies at provincial level that represents the Gujranwala district. The PP-51 represents as Town committee Sodhra, Town committee Dhonkal, Wazirabad City 1, Wazirabdad City II, adil Garh, Kot Nura and other nearby areas in this region. Kot Jaffar and Wandala aerre covered in this PP-51.

Gujranwala Election Results 2018 MPA PP, MNA NA

Gujranwala Election Results 2018

The second one is PP-52 that include Alipur Chatta, Resulnagar old Jamke Chattta, Ahmed Nagar but exluding the Kot jaar and Wandala. Hardo Warpal but not including Bhuman Bath and Kalaski. PP-53 Gujranwala III includes rtthe Gujranwala Cantonment, Talwani Rahwali. Further PP-54, PP-55, PP-56, PP-57, PP-58, PP-59,- PP-60, PP-61, PP-62, PP-63, PP-64.

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These constituencies list included in Gujranwala district all results of these provincial constituencies are going to display here at this page. Gujranwala Election Results 2018 MPA PP will be announced according to above mentioned constituencies.

  1. NA 79 Gujranwala 1 Election Results 2018
  2. NA 80 Gujranwala II Election Results 2018
  3. NA 81 Gujranwala III Election Results 2018
  4. NA 82 Gujranwala IV Election Results 2018
  5. NA 83 Gujranwala V Election Results 2018
  6. NA 84 Gujranwala VI Election Results 2018

From NA-79 to NA-84 all national assembly constituencies are going to consider under Gujranwala district. Gujranwala Election Results 2018 MNA NA is going to consider according to associated terms and conditions applied by the ECP.

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