Keyboard is an Input Device or Output Device?

Question: Keyboard is an Input Device or Output Device?

Answer: The Keyboard is an Input Device

The keyboard is an Input Device

Keyboard is an Input Device or Output Device?


A keyboard is defined as the input device. It is used for the purpose of sending information in the region of other keys which you press. It would be displaying a correct letter or the number. Keyboard helps to enter functions or characters into the computer. Usually keyboard is comprises of keys of individul letters, special letters, specific functions and numbers. It also controls signals to an information processing system. Therefore, output device probably uses to send data from a computer to any other device or the user. The monitor is an output device and it will display the entire information that is sent by keyboard. The keyboard is known as the most common input device of a computer. It is used to give away instructions to CPU in an organized way. Hence, a standard keyboard has 101 or 104 keys.

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