Who Is The Current Chairman Of PCB Pakistan Cricket Board

We are discussing Who Is The Current Chairman Of PCB Pakistan Cricket Board? Pakistan cricket team is one world leading teams. They are commonly known as Shaheen in the world of cricket. It became a full member of the ICC in 1952. It has a great track record of match winning. Until it has won one world cup, one twenty-twenty cup and recently in 2017 world champion trophy. Pakistani cricket team is most famous for its talent. Its pacers are liked around the world even world top leading team Australia could not help to appreciate Pakistan in bowling tricks. The current chairman of Pakistan cricket team is Najim Aziz Sethi. He is a well-renown television anchor, journalist, and analyst.

Najam Sethi has also been serve the country as caretaker chief minister of province Punjab. He took the charge of Pakistan cricket board office on 10 August 2017. Winning record of Pakistan cricket team in T-twenty is outstanding. Out of 121 total T-twenty matches, Pakistan won 73, lost 45 and tied 3. It is the best T-twenty play record in ICC. In its test record up till it has played 412 with winning 132, losing 122 and drawing 158. In its ODI career, it locates itself among the best six. Track record of Pakistani team is found to be best in T-twenty and average in ODI and Test.

Who Is The Current Chairman Of PCB Pakistan Cricket Board

Who Is The Current Chairman Of PCB Pakistan Cricket Board

Question: Who Is The Current Chairman Of PCB Pakistan Cricket Board

Answer: Najam Aziz Sethi

Cricket is the game that played most and liked most in Pakistan. There is an outstanding talent of cricket in Pakistan. Mostly Pakistani bowlers and particularly pacers are liked around the world. The batting order of Pakistan cricket team has been in trouble since long. It does not mean that Pakistani batsmen are not good but there are a number of reasons to make them not good. There are bulk of shortcomings in training sessions. They are given with least opportunities to play domestic cricket. As practice makes a man perfect, so more someone practice, he is expected to perform more.

The other factor that often retards Pakistani batsmen is lack of confidence and sportsmanship spirit. At the domestic level, they are not given the training to play like a team. Resultantly, they perform poorly in the international cricket. Placing aside the team win consideration, they focus more on the self-performance. By doing so, they forget to play like a team and in the result, neither they nor the whole team performs well. There are also other issues such as politicization of governing bodies, and nepotism.

Pakistan has a well-recognized talent for cricket. Track record of the team shows it clearly. Pakistan has remained in the top for a long time for T-twenty cricket. In spite of this, there are some reasons due to which Pakistani team remain unable to perform up to the mark, they have been mentioned above. To make Pakistani team efficient and outstanding it is the need of the hour that those issues should be eliminated. Match winning is not just only match-winning, in actual it is the winning of the system.

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